VFX&MGFX Sinead.MaryRose

3rd year student. I study at Glamorgan University in Cardiff. Here is some of my inspiration, research and development for my end of year project.

After i had finished animating i boosted up the quality a bit and i added in a light to the scene to help create shadows. it didn’t create shadows how i had intended. I also wanted to add a blur over the actors genitals, not that they were on show but to add humour. I ran out of time unfortunately. I added an elipse over the top of the piece just because i felt it added to it.

I had a few problems where the set and the scene didn’t fit around my footage, i.e the bed didn’t fit so i had to move it around and bring in the graphics differently to how i had planned.

here are just a few of the sets that i made in photoshop

i started bring in the graphics that the characters are interacting with

I came a cross a few hick-ups in Illustrator where it changed the vegetables and fruit into the same colour as skin so i had to go in and roto it out to bring it in with the other image.

next i went into after effects and tested the best look for my work. I also tested the thickness of the white outline. i prefered the thin one because i feel that it will blend into the paper easier where they are meant to join. next onto animating